Lumos Ultra – cutting-edge security technology

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The company from Boston released on the crowdfunding site the second version of its protective helmet, which has become even more technologically advanced and protected. In this helmet, the cyclist becomes more noticeable, thanks to the LED lamp on the front, illuminating the road in front of him, and two separate diode lights, which are also direction indicators.

The helmet comes with a wireless remote control diode turns on the helmet.

And if there is an Apple Watch, then by installing the application, you can turn on the door-locks by raising your hand.

Optionally, you can install a visor, which will help from rain and sunlight.

In Lumos Ultra, you can add the MIPS function, which additionally protects the brain when it falls.

The LEDs are assembled by a special technology that allows you to save small dimensions of the lights, while ensuring high light intensity.

As the company itself admits, they listened to the feedback of their customers on the previous project in terms of ventilation and improved it by adding three large openings at the back through which hot air will escape from the head.

The helmet is made of quality materials that can withstand rains and the scorching sun.

Having worked on the bugs, Lumos were able to reduce the weight of the helmet, which in the basic version is 370 grams.

Lumos Ultra is available in three sizes: S, ML, XL. Enough to choose yourself and your child.

The choice is presented in numerous colors:

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Now you can pre-order this helmet in packages:

  1. Helmet and wireless corner control. Cost 79 $.
  2. A helmet with MIPS and a wireless corner control. Cost 109 $.
  3. Two helmets Helmet and two wireless corner control panels. Cost 155 $.
  4. Two helmets with MIPS and two wireless corner control panels. The cost is $ 215.
    Next are family packages and wholesale.

Would you like a helmet for yourself or is it enough LED lighting on the frame of your bike? Share your opinion in the comments.