Tesla will add video conferencing to its electric cars

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Pretty good conference background for Zoom.

Elon Musk said that Tesla will add the possibility of video conferencing in electric cars over time, since the cars are already equipped with the appropriate equipment. In particular, in every Tesla Model 3 electric car, a camera is installed above the rear-view mirror, which is used so that the system can monitor the condition of the driver during autopilot operation.

While there is no details about whether it will be its own service for video calls, or Tesla adapts one of the existing ones for its electric cars. Musk only noted that this is “definitely the future feature” of Tesla electric vehicles.

I’m not sure how popular video calls will be in Tesla, because they are unlikely to work while the car is moving. And during a stop, you can also use a smartphone with the same success. Nevertheless, why not add this functionality if, from a technical point of view, everything is ready (there is both a camera and a display).

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Source: Electrek