NFC modules can be used to charge headphones and smart watches

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NFC Forum has adopted a new standard that provides wireless charging power up to 1 watts.

The global association NFC Forum has adopted a new specification Wireless Charging Specification, which allows devices equipped with NFC to charge other low-power devices (smart watches, fitness bracelets, headphones, etc.). The maximum charging power through NFC is 1 W. At first glance, this is a rather modest indicator, but to recharge a smart watch or headphone is enough.

Considering that most smartphones are equipped with NFC today, it will be much easier for manufacturers to implement the new specification for reversible wireless charging. The Wireless Charging Specification uses a single antenna in an NFC-equipped device to transmit data and charge another device. The NFC Forum is ready to publish the WLC as a technical specification, ready for use on the market.

By the way, some manufacturers already use reverse wireless charging in their top-end devices (Samsung, Huawei and others). But it is based on the Qi standard. Charging via NFC should expand the capabilities of lower-cost smartphones. However, given that the WLC specification has only been adopted, it will take some more time to implement it.

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Sources: Nfc forum, Engadget