Lenovo Legion can get a 144 Hz display and a side camera

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A gaming smartphone from Lenovo with a very unusual design.

Promotional images of the new Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone have appeared online. As you can see in the pictures, the device will receive some unusual design decisions. If the coloring of the smartphone should not be surprising, it is still a gaming device, then the two main camera modules located almost in the center of the back panel attract attention. I think this was done so that it would be more convenient for the user to hold the smartphone in a horizontal position during the game. Thus, he will not cling to camera lenses and dirty them.

But the solution with the front camera looks much more unexpected. She, most likely, will leave the side end of the smartphone. If you use a smartphone in a horizontal orientation, this option is probably convenient (for streams?). But I wonder how things will be with normal use in vertical mode. I hope Lenovo provides answers to these questions.

Also in the pictures you can see that Lenovo Legion will receive two USB-C ports on the bottom and side so that the smartphone can be conveniently charged during the game. The stereo atmosphere will be responsible for the musical atmosphere.

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