The release of Half-Life: Alyx will be held March 23

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Waiting for a new part of the cult series Half-Life is not long.

Let me remind you, Half-Life: Alyx is a VR-exclusive that will talk about the events that occurred between the first and second parts of the original game. Gamers will play for Alix Vance, the daughter of a former colleague of Gordon Freeman, Eli Vance. It is the only chance for the salvation of mankind in the light of the Alliance's occupation of the Earth. One of the main elements of your equipment will be “gravity gloves” that allow you to perform various actions.

Now Valve has officially announced that the release of Half-Life: Alyx will be held on March 23. By the way, this is the first game of the series in 13 years. But keep in mind that in order to dive into the Half-Life universe, you will need a VR helmet.

A source: The verge

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