Telegram has a new profile design, improved viewing of media files and updated the function of People Nearby

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Telegram has released a small update for its Valentine's Day messenger.

First of all, the update touched user profiles. Now, when you click on the photo of your interlocutor, the picture is enlarged, and below you can see all the profile information, including images, videos and links that you shared.

It has now become more convenient in chat rooms to flip through photos – just tap on the right or left edge of the screen to see the next / previous image.

People Nearby has been updated to version 2.0. It allows you to discover users who are close to you. To enable the search, go to Contacts> Find people nearby. And so that users can see you in this list, click "Show me."

And, of course, in honor of Valentine's Day, new animated emojis appeared on Telegram:

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