Taika Waititi lamented on a MacBook keyboard after winning his first Oscar

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The director jokingly complained about the keyboard in the new MacBook.

Last night, the 92nd Oscar movie awards ceremony took place, at which Taika Waititi received his first statuette for the best adaptation of the Jojo Rabbit movie. During comments after the event, the director decided to go over the keyboards on Apple's laptops.

To the question of what, in his opinion, the authors should demand in the next negotiations with the producers, Taika Waititi answered the following: “Apple should rework their keyboards. With their help, it is simply impossible to type text – and they only get worse. It makes me want to return to PC. Because PC keyboards have a much more understandable finger response. Raise your hands, who is still using a PC? You know what I'm talking about. There are much better keyboards. And Apple’s keyboards are just awful. ”

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“I have problems with my shoulder,” continued Waititi. “I was diagnosed with a professional overstrain syndrome, I don’t know what you call it here (showed with a gesture on the arm), that tendon that goes from the forearm to the thumb. You know what I'm talking about if you guys ever typed. And what happens when you open the laptop and are in that position (demonstrates an uncomfortable pose behind the laptop) – we just need to rework these keyboards. The US Scriptwriters Guild must step in and really do something. ”

By the way, it is not known whether the director used the new MacBook Pro 16, in which Apple replaced the problematic keyboard with a butterfly mechanism with an option with a scissor mechanism. Nevertheless, Apple should listen and at least install new keyboards in other MacBook models.

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