iPhone can soon be used as a car key

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The beta of iOS 13.4 introduced support for the CarKey function.

Apple has released a beta version of iOS 13.4 and it found very interesting links. In particular, to the API called "CarKey". Apparently, this feature allows you to unlock, lock and start the car using the iPhone or Apple Watch. According to information from system files, users will be able to use CarKey with cars that support NFC.

It will be enough for the car owner to bring a smartphone or smart watch to his vehicle, authentication via Face ID will not be required. The process of synchronizing the iPhone with the car will be carried out in the Wallet application, after which it will be necessary to complete the setup in the automaker's proprietary application. Then, the key can be easily added to the Apple Watch.

Another interesting feature of CarKey is that the key can be shared with other people, such as family members. Drivers can be invited through the Wallet app to add a key to their devices.

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Apparently, Apple is already working with some manufacturers to implement CarKey support in their cars. But, most likely, the function will become available to everyone only after the release of the stable version of iOS 13.4.

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