Epic Games Store hands out adaptations of Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride board games

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They can be added to your library for free until next Friday.

Carcassonne – This is a modern adaptation of the classic game with tile cards, in which players create a map of the playing field, laying out square tiles depicting the landscape of medieval France. A tile may include a city, road, monastery, pasture, or a combination of several objects, and it should be placed next to already laid tiles so that all objects are connected by roads. After that, the player can place one of his subjects in one of the territories: the knight in the city, the robber on the road, the monk in the monastery, and the farmer on the tile with grass. When a particular site is completed, the filed will begin to bring points to its owner. Each new game takes place in a new way thanks to the ever-changing landscape.

In the official adaptation of the popular board game Ticket to ride You will need to establish a railway connection between your cities as soon as possible and get to your destination.

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Games will be distributed free of charge in the Epic Games Store until February 13, inclusive.

A source: Epic Games Store