YouTube Music has a new personalized playlist

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Now the service offers three playlists that contain your favorite songs, new releases and previously unheard of tracks.

YouTube Music has unveiled a new playlist called Discover Mix. This is the third personalized playlist after New Release Mix (Mix of new releases) and Your Mix (Your mix).

Discover Mix will offer 50 new tracks every week (updating takes place on Wednesdays). The playlist will include songs by new artists that you have never heard, and not the most famous songs of your favorite musicians.

New Release Mix will pick up for you new music performed by your favorite artists, as well as other musicians whose work you may like according to YouTube. Most of the new songs will appear on Friday, but updates are also possible in the middle of the week.

Your Mix, in turn, as before, will form a playlist of your favorite songs with a little addition of tracks and artists that you might not have heard before.

How about personalized YouTube Music playlists? Or do you prefer to make your own selections?

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Sources: Engadget, YouTube