YouTube is testing new feature "participating in this video"

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The new feature will be useful for bloggers who often arrange collaborations with other authors.

Over the past few years, the YouTube community has become much closer to each other and collaboration between different channels is now commonplace. However, bloggers have to post information about guests (links to their channel / social networks) in the description below the video. Not the most convenient option, because in the description there are often many more additional links.

To make it easier for users to switch to videos from another blogger, the “participating in this video” section has appeared in the YouTube app on Android. The essence of the new feature is that Google algorithms will automatically determine the participants in the video. And if they find a blogger from another channel, links to it will be indicated in a special section under the player.

So far, the function is in test mode and is available only to a small number of users.

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Sources: Android Police, Google