The premiere of "Matrix 4" will be held May 21, 2021

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Warner Bros. Company has announced the release dates for the rental of the films "Matrix 4" and "Flash".

Let me remind you, in August of this year, Warner Bros. announced her intention to remove the sequel to the Matrix trilogy. Moreover, it became known that the director will be Lana Wachowski – one of the Wachowski sisters who worked on the original trilogy. The main characters will also return – Keanu Reeves and Carey Ann Moss. They will be joined by Yahya Abdul-Mathin II, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Jessica Henwick.

By the way, "Matrix 4" took the place of the film "Akira", which was originally supposed to be released on May 21, 2021. However, the director of the film, Taika Vaitichi, switched to another project (the fourth part of The Torah), which is why Warner Bros. and castled.

By the way, due to the changed plans of Warner Bros., now on May 21, 2021, two films are planned to be released with the participation of Keanu Reeves. Lionsgate previously booked this date for the release of the fourth part of the action movie "John Wick." Obviously, movie studios will now have to agree on a slight adjustment of plans.

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As for the movie "Flash", its release will take place on July 1, 2022. The main role is assigned to Ezra Miller, who has already appeared on the screens in the image of Flash in other DC films. The director of the picture will be Andres Musketti.

A source: Variety