MasterCard and Rakuten Viber launched Moneytou instant money transfer service in Ukraine

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MasterCard and Rakuten Viber today held a joint event in Kiev, at which the launch of the instant money transfer service in the Viber messenger was announced.

MasterCard and Rakuten Viber jointly with NeoPay and Edenlab introduced the Moneytou money transfer service, which allows you to transfer money directly in the Viber messenger. To make a transfer, you do not need to find out the recipient's card number – it’s enough that the person is on your Viber contact list (or just know his phone number). The service supports cards of any Ukrainian bank, and the Viber profile must be registered to the number of the Ukrainian mobile operator.

Ukraine ranks second in Europe in the use of mobile payment applications

Ukraine has become the second country in the world where the Moneytou service is launched. A week ago, he earned in Hungary. This is due to the fact that Ukrainian users are very active in using mobile payment applications and carry out a large number of banking operations using smartphones. I also note the high popularity of the Viber messenger in our country. In the future, the companies plan to expand to other European countries, in particular Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria.

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Moneytou integrates MasterCard Send technology and Masterpass digital wallet. Thus, data about your cards are not stored on Viber servers. Card information is only retrieved from a secure Masterpass wallet.

In order to transfer money through Viber using Moneytou, the sender must:

1. In the chat window, press the Gif + button and select the Moneytou service;
2. Click “Send transfer” and select a card in the Masterpass digital wallet from which the transfer is made;
3. Enter the required transfer amount and send the money;
4. Confirm the sending of a message to the recipient about the receipt of funds.

In order to receive money through Viber with Moneytou, the user needs:

1. Open a message about the receipt of funds in the chat;
2. Select a card in the Masterpass wallet for crediting money;
3. Money will be automatically credited to the selected card.

An important point is that if the recipient of the money transfer does not receive the money within 7 days, they are returned to the sender's card.

If the user already has a Masterpass digital wallet registered to the same phone number as the Viber application, after confirmation, the service will automatically provide access to the cards in the wallet. Both the recipient and the sender can create a digital wallet directly in the Viber mobile application: for this, you only need to enter the payment card data during the first receipt or transfer of funds.

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The commission is 5 UAH + 1% of the transfer amount. The maximum amount of one transfer is 14 900 UAH.

Share your opinion in the comments about the new service from Mastercard and Viber. Will you use Moneytou?

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