Huawei announced the release of the P40 line of smartphones without Google services in March 2020

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Richard Yu, head of Huawei's consumer business, spoke about the company's plans to launch a new flagship smartphone line.

The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro smartphones will be officially unveiled at a special event in Paris in March 2020. The devices will run Android 10 and the proprietary EMUI shell, but they will be deprived of Google services, as well as Huawei Mate 30. Instead of Google Mobile Services, Huawei Mobile Services software will be installed.

It is expected that the new smartphones will be equipped with the Kirin 990 5G chipset, as well as offer better autonomy and an improved camera compared to their predecessors. But it is unlikely that a cool camera will be able to convince users in Europe to buy a smartphone without Google services. The story of the Mate 30, which appeared on the European market only two months after the presentation, is likely to repeat. And I doubt that during this time he managed to achieve high sales, although the device itself is very interesting.

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What do you think are the prospects for the new flagships of Huawei without Google services?

A source: Talk Android