Game browser Opera GX is now available for Mac

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Opera Software has released a gaming browser for the macOS operating system.

Apple computers are far from the first choice for gamers, however, Opera Software has developed a gaming browser for macOS. Opera GX was announced back in June this year, but previously only Windows users could try it.

The application offers various tools for flexible application customization. For example, users can set a limit on CPU and RAM consumption for the browser, and limit network bandwidth. All this allows you to save computer resources in favor of the launch and stable operation of games.

In addition, Twitch is integrated into Opera GX, there is a built-in VPN and ad blocker, a special GX Corner section with various gaming news is available, browser personalization is provided, and much more.

Opera GX is currently available in Early Access on Windows and macOS. You can download the browser on the official company website.

A source: Engadget

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