BMW reports on the sale of half a million electric cars

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BMW has decided to talk about its successes regarding sales of electrified cars.

The number of electric cars on the road is constantly growing and BMW is making significant efforts for this. Interestingly, it took three years to sell the first 100 thousand models of the company. To reach the mark of 500 thousand cars sold – the same three years.

BMW – Germany's Leading Electrified Car Sales

Of course, most of the cars sold out of this number are plug-in hybrids, however, this is a major achievement for the automaker. The company's next goal is 1 million electric cars sold by the end of 2021.

BMW expects that by 2021, a quarter of the company's cars sold in Europe will be electrified. By 2025, such models will account for one third, and by 2030 – half of all sales.

Sources: Engadget, BMW

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