Apple chose the best apps and games of 2019

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Apple at the special event in New York celebrated the best games and applications of the year.

IPhone app of the year: Specter camera (Lux Optics)

The camera from the developer Lux Optics allows you to take impressive photos with a long shutter speed.

IPad app of the year: Flow by moleskine (Moleskine)

An application from a well-known Italian stationery manufacturer allows you to use the iPad to create notes and drawings. The program offers dozens of combinations of paper types, colors and tools.

Mac App of the Year: Affinity publisher (Serif Labs)

This application is intended for designers and allows you to typeset various projects, whether it is a menu for a restaurant or a flyer for a children's performance.

App of the Year for Apple TV: The explorers (The Explorers Network)

The Explorers was designed to support a community of researchers, researchers and people from other professions who seek to visually recreate the world with photos and videos.

2019 App Trend: A Simpler Expression Opportunity

Applications such as Anchor (Anchor FM), Canva: Stories & Video Maker (Canva), Unfold (Unfold Creative), Steller (Expedition Travel Advisor), Spark Camera (Dayworks), Over (Over, Inc), Wattpad (Wattpad Corp ) provide an opportunity for users to express themselves through new forms of podcasts, unique novels, photo collages, etc. even easier than before.

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Game of the Year for iPhone: “Sky: Children of the Light”(Thatgamecompany)

This magnificent multiplayer quest immerses you in fabulous landscapes where you must help the heavenly creatures find their way home.

Game of the Year for iPad: Hyper light drifter (Abylight S.L.)

An exciting updated version of the classic 16-bit adventure game Hyper Light Drifter combines exciting research and a tense struggle for survival.

Game of the Year for Mac: GRIS (Devolver / Nomada Studio)

This impressive puzzle platformer tells a dramatic story full of disappointments and hopes: the player will have to put together the life of the main character, who survived the tragic loss.

Game of the year for Apple TV: "Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap»(DotEmu)

The Wonder Boy game, developed by Lizardcube together with the creator of the series Ryuichi Nishizawa, brings back to life the beloved adventure game from the 80s – with completely redrawn animation and an updated soundtrack.

Game of the year at Apple Arcade: Sayonara wild hearts (Simogo)

This amazingly beautiful game developed by Simogo and published by Annapurna Interactive is full of intense sword fights, uncompromising motorcycle races and dramatic plot twists.

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2019 Game Trend: Rethinking Blockbusters

This year, developers are actively porting world-famous games to iOS. Hits such as Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo), Minecraft Earth (Mojang), Pokémon Masters (DeNA Co), Assassin’s Creed Rebellion (Ubisoft), Gears POP! (Microsoft), The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Bethesda) and Call of Duty: Mobile (Activision Publishing), were not just remakes – these are completely original works that breathed new life into the legendary franchises of the gaming industry.

A source: Apple

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