Android 11 will receive the function of turning on a dark theme on a schedule

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A useful innovation for automatically turning on / off a dark theme may appear in the next version of Android.

One of the main features of Android 10 was the support for a dark theme at the system level. Google has been steadily updating all its proprietary applications over the last time so that they can automatically change the theme to match the system settings.

However, it would seem that such an obvious function as the inclusion of a dark theme on a schedule in Android 10 is not. Although, for example, on Xiaomi smartphones, it has been present for quite some time. However, it is reported that in Android 11 this functionality will still appear.

Previously, Google suggested that the automatic theme switching feature could cause applications to force restart when you use them. Therefore, the company delayed the release of the update. But, probably, the developers found a solution to this problem.

So we are waiting for the first beta version of Android 11, in which the automatic theme switching feature may appear. If you do not want to wait, you can download the Automatic Dark Theme application for Android 10, which has similar functionality.

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A source: 9to5google