Amazon introduced a number of new devices with support for Alexa

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Amazon yesterday held its own event, which presented a dozen new devices, including glasses, a ring and a microwave.

Echo studio

This is Amazon's top-end smart speaker. The company promises that Echo Studio will provide a chic sound, thanks to the presence of 5 omnidirectional speakers (1 ″ twitter, three 2 ″ mid-range speakers and 5.25 ″ woofer). Plus, there is support for Dolby Atmos. The smart speaker can even be connected to Fire TV 4K TVs so that it acts as an audio system.

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Echo Studio goes on sale at a price $ 199.99.


Amazon has also updated the Echo base column. Now it looks like an Echo Plus, thanks to the fabric trim. The company notes that the gadget uses improved speakers (the same as in Echo Plus), and new colors include blue, black, gray and sand.

3rd Generation Echo Cost – $ 99.99.

Echo show 8

The Echo Show 8 smart display is halfway between Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 10. The device has an 8 ″ HD display and a webcam, which can be manually closed if necessary. All other features are similar to other smart displays.

Price Echo Show 8 – $ 129.99.

Echo dot

The appearance of the compact smart speaker Echo Dot has not changed, but the main difference catches your eye right away is the LED-watch at the end. They can display not only time, but also a timer or temperature when the user asks for it. In addition, if you tap on top of this alarm clock, it will allow you to lie a little more in bed before it rings again.

Echo Dot is now available for pre-order at a price. $ 59.99.

Echo glow

The small smart lamp Echo Glow will surely appeal to children. It is able to change color, in the morning it can gradually increase brightness to make it more pleasant to wake up, and can also adapt to music, creating visual effects. Color can be changed simply by touching Echo Glow or using Alexa.

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The cost of a smart lamp total $ 29.99.

Echo buds

Echo Buds Wireless Headphones offer pretty good specs for a reasonable price. Each earphone is equipped with two reinforcing drivers that give good sound quality, and also support active noise reduction technology from Bose. In addition, there is a “pass-through mode" that allows you to hear others.

There is support not only for Alexa, but also for Google Assistant along with Siri. The autonomy of the headphones is about 5 hours, with a case – about 20 hours. Unfortunately, the case itself does not support wireless charging and is equipped with a microUSB port for charging.

Echo Buds will be available for $ 129.99.

Echo frames

Amazon, when creating smart glasses, decided to abandon the built-in display and cameras, so Echo Frames looks absolutely do not differ from ordinary glasses. Any lens can be inserted into them, the case is made of plastic, and the whole structure is very light. On the side arms there are downward-facing speakers, physical buttons for adjusting the sound and mute the microphone, as well as a touchpad for interacting with Alexa.

At first, Echo Frames will be available only through the invite system (a request can be submitted to product page) The price for the first buyers will be $ 179.99, then the gadget can be purchased for $ 249.99.

Echo loop

Another experimental product designed to keep Alexa at hand. The smart ring can vibrate when new notifications arrive, and it is also equipped with microphones and a speaker so that you can chat with your virtual assistant.

Echo Loop will also be sold at invite. The first lucky ones will be able to purchase the device for $ 129.99, then the price will rise to $ 179.99.

Echo flex

But this gadget will help place Alexa in any corner of your home where there is a power outlet. The device is a smart speaker with a built-in USB port for charging equipment. Through the same port, you can connect expansion modules, such as a motion sensor or a night lamp.

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Cost Echo Flex – $ 24.99.

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Ring Indoor Cam & Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring’s new home and street cameras will help you keep track of your property. They are capable of recording 1080p video, cover a wide viewing angle and support night vision mode.

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Indoor Cam will cost in $ 59.99Stick Up Cam – In $ 99.99.

Ring fetch

This gadget will be useful for pet owners. Ring Fetch can be attached to the collar to always know that your pet has not run far away. Will go on sale next year.

Amazon smart oven

Cooking with Alexa should be convenient, otherwise Amazon would not have introduced a new smart microwave. It can serve as an electric furnace or an air deep fat fryer, and the virtual assistant understands the voice commands and tells you when the dish is ready.

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Amazon Smart Oven comes with the free Echo Dot smart column. The cost of a smart microwave is $ 249.99.

Amazon eero

Amazon’s dual-band Wi-Fi router supports TrueMesh and 2 × 2 MU-MIMO technologies to create stable coverage over the entire area of ​​your home and for all your devices. One such router covers up to 140 square meters. meters to increase the area enough to buy another such device. Up to 550 Mbps speed is supported, there are two gigabit Ethernet ports and USB-C for power supply.

Price Eero Router – $ 99.

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