Alexa speaks with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson

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At yesterday's presentation, Amazon not only presented a scattering of new devices, but also announced interesting software updates.

Alexa will learn to imitate celebrity voices

The technology of neural text-to-speech (Neural TTS), which is the basis of Alexa, is so advanced that it can recreate the voices of different people. The first will be the voice of Samuel L. Jackson.

Jackson will tell you a joke, share weather information, set a timer and answer your questions. The actor’s voice will be available later this year for $ 0.99. This is a promotional price, so if you want to save a few dollars, it is better to purchase it right away.


Next year, Alexa will receive support for new voices. Amazon has not yet disclosed who it will be. But he clarifies that the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, who likes to use a sharp word, will be available in two versions: a full and more friendly, which can be included with children.

Alexa will be able to work with several languages

Multilingual Mode will be useful for those families who speak different languages ​​under one roof. Next month, Alexa users in the United States will be able to select English and Spanish for this mode. Canadian users, in turn, will be able to combine Canadian English and French. And Alexa users in India are Indian English and Hindi.

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Amazon will continue to add languages ​​for different locations in the coming months thanks to Neural TTS technology.

In addition, Alexa will learn to recognize frustration among users if they are upset by not responding correctly to their request. This feature allows the virtual assistant to respond appropriately to phrases and apologize. The innovation will work next year first for musical queries.

Auto Delete function will delete your data yourself

Users can choose to have the Auto Delete function delete their voice recordings after 3 or 18 months. You can configure a new feature in the Amazon Privacy Hub.

Moreover, you can ask Alexa if she has heard something superfluous. If there is still information that Alexa should not know, just say “delete all voice recordings for today”.

A similar feature was introduced by Google this summer.

Amazon Sidewalk Enhances the Range of Your Gadgets

A Wi-Fi network does not always cover enough area for all your smart devices. For example, for the keychain Ring Fetch, presented yesterday. A new wireless network protocol called Sidewalk will come to the rescue – it is able to create communication between devices at a frequency of 900 MHz. It has low bandwidth and low power consumption, so it will be useful for the Internet of things.

Sidewalk will allow developers to create new devices that will be located at a great distance from each other (about 1.5 km). For example, it can be moisture sensors for your garden, or a notification that you received mail in your mailbox.

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Alexa will appear in new GM cars

Starting in the first half of 2020, General Motors plans to update models of 2018 and newer, manufactured under the brands Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, Alexa's digital assistant.

Users will be able to use Alexa to control audio playback and make calls. The virtual assistant will also be integrated into the OnStar navigation system and allow you to set the trip destination.

Among other innovations, I note that the Alexa Wake-Word algorithm will increase the accuracy of voice recognition in order to avoid false positives; Food Network Kitchen service will be available on Echo devices and will be able to read or show recipes; the Show and Tell function will help blind and visually impaired users, because Alexa will be able to describe the item in their hands; Alexa Guest Connect will allow you to include your music collection at a party (it will be useful if, for example, you rented an apartment on AirBnb); Alexa Communications for Kids is useful to parents so that they can control the assistant’s communication with the children; The new Alexa Education Skill API will integrate various school software with Amazon services.

How do you like the new features of Alexa? Have you already ordered a new Echo to chat with Samuel L. Jackson?

According to the materials: Engadget

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