Tricks in Windows 10 / 7 tricks that you must know!

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Tricks in Windows are as old as the system itself. There were many possibilities hidden in every edition of Windows, many of which users did not realize. Some of them can not be found now, others have survived up to Windows 10.

Windows 10

We have collected 8 Windows tricks for you that you need to know and which work in the latest version of Microsoft.
Some of them are functional and really useful, others … well, at least they’ll let you joke your friends.

Windows minimized..

Do you often open a dozen or so dozens of windows at once? Us yes, all too often. This mess is sometimes unbearable. But it’s enough to move your hand so that all windows that you do not need at the moment are sent back to the taskbar without closing them completely. All you need to do is find the only window you want to leave on the desktop, grab them (ie, click and hold down the left mouse button) on the title bar and shake it vigorously several times. All other windows will escape in panic.
What if you need to restore them? Just make the same gesture again.

E-mails to the left, browsers to the right

Sticking the windows to the edges or corners of the screen probably everyone knows well. But usually we do it with the mouse. There is a faster way. Press the WINDOWS key on the keyboard and while holding it, also press one of the directional keys (those with arrows) – move the window in the appropriate direction and paste it to the selected edge or corner.

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Copying files

Copying. Such a simple operation. Select a file or group of files, press CTRL + C or right-click and choose copy, then on the destination CTRL + V, or right click and paste. Simple and fast ? hmm probably not always.
A much faster way to copy files is by pressing the CTRL key and – we keep it pressed – dragging to the destination the files that we want to copy. One keystroke, one mouse click. Copied.

So many files…

Imagine a catalog. A regular directory full of files, let it be even photos from a trip to Berlin. And each of the pictures with a very simple, understandable name, e.g. in the type 20150333_87862, 20150906_633371 etc. True, that’s nice? But would not it be nicer if, for example, Berlin 1, Berlin 2, Berlin 3? It’s nicer and more importantly, you do not have to change every name manually.
If you want to give the whole group of files a single name, differing only in the order number, select all these files (CTRL + A), and then press the F2 key and give the target name – they will receive (along with the ordinal number in brackets) all selected files.

Open what you closed

Accidental closing of the card in the browser can happen to anyone. Oh, an ordinary human thing. But what if you read a very interesting article found on Google and did not pay attention to its address? Look from the beginning? Digging through dozens of results displayed by the search engine? Of course not!
Just use the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + T, and the page from the card just closed will open exactly in the place where you just finished reading.

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Opening links in new tabs is simple. Right-click, you choose to open in a new tab. Quickly and efficiently. Worse, when you want to open many links – e.g. search results on Google, or detailed information about products in the online store. Then such multiple clicks can lead to – let’s be mild – irritation. But this activity can be significantly accelerated.
Just click on the link with the middle mouse button and it will automatically open in a new tab.
You will ask – like the middle button, my mouse has only two buttons. Well, no, in most cases it also has a middle – scrolling wheel. This is usually the middle button. Try.

Screen upside down

No, we will not suggest you turn your monitor or place it on the side. The same effect – we admit, useful above all to make jokes to colleagues from work – we achieve much simpler.
Press CTRL + ALT + ARROW (in any direction) and the image will reverse according to which arrow you have pressed.

Note: this trick may not work on some computers. However, it is worth checking – during the tests we used it on three different laptops, in each case the effect was what we were hoping for.


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