How to install nano on ubuntu 16.04 LTS ?

Some newbie users probably does not know how to install and use probably the simplest ubuntu server text editor, so I will show you. Nano is really simple and easy to use text editor for linux platforms, it is much easier than VIM.

Nano on ubuntu 16.04 LTS

To install nano just simply type in command line :

apt-get install update

apt-get install nano

and nano should be installed, to run nano and create automatically new file, type :

nano yourfilename.txt

to save file you need to use two keys “CTRL+O”

to exit nano, use “CTRL+X” and “Y” to save work..or “N” to exit without saving your work.

to search some text in nano just use these two keys “CTRL+W” and type words which you would like to search in nano.

that’s all for today !