How to download mp3 from soundcloud ?

Hey, I will show you today how easy is to download mp3 from soundcloud. We will use youtube-dl opensource software which can download videos and music from a lot of websites.

First let’s find some music in soundcloud which we are interested to download, for me it will be this one :

We can download youtube-dl from github

if we have our youtube-dl downloaded

youtube-dl exe

then …. we need to run youtube-dl in command line, because it is command line application for windows, youtube-dl require python libraries to run, python is also available to download on github.

I got my youtube-dl in C:\youtubedl

to run command line , just type cmd.exe in Start – Run, and press Enter.

then in Console, type something like that

downloading mp3 from soundcloud

and press enter, remember to change soundcloud link, our music should be downloaded to folder where youtube-dl exe is placed.

My mp3 downloaded and ready to play from disk

and yes ! I got mp3 downloaded from soundcloud, and saved…

Thanks for reading ! Happy new year 2019