How to connect via SSH to your server ?

Hey, I will show you here how to connect to your server via OpenSsh protocol, we will use software “Kitty”, it is fork of “Putty” .. very popular software used by millions of administrators. I’m using Kitty in daily basis because it has few more useful options. Kitty looks like that ..

It has all options from Putty but also few additional, to connect with our VPS or Dedicated Server first we need to add our server IP to Kitty so click Load and then put there you server IP, after that click save, choose default port with is 22 <- this is default port of SSH, it is good to change this port on our server later to prevent hackers from scanning our machine.

If we have saved our IP with putty we can change the name of session.

OK, if all things are done we can connect to our server, to do that select your machine from the list and  click “Open” at the left corner, you should be connected, if not it means that information provided to Kitty were incorrect, if all ok you should see image like below and you can send command via openssh protocol to your server !

Kitty Link Download :